Jennifer Hudson performed last night at the premiere of a film about Clive Davis — pictured with her — and she quite wisely changed out of this into some semi-sensible pants to go on-stage. This dress is quitting on the job of keeping her right breast safely inside the vehicle, and do not assume that because she is sidled up to Clive, she is doing so to hide the rest of it. She spent plenty of time posing all over the place in this monstrous sleeve-o-rama:

She looks like she received an arm transplant from a cryogenically frozen Victorian widow, and soon, she will find herself unable to resist doing its bidding — like ringing for the butler, any butler, and ordering up a lovely bran-infused bath.

Glam by @ericarchibald @kiyahwright1 @adamburrell . when u mix your U.K. Glam with your U.S glam

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She might want to give up on Reclaimed Lace as a style mandate.

Jennifer wore this the other night on Colbert’s show (I think; that sure SEEMS like the old hangout of the Letterman Dumpster):

Thank u @cocoperezinsta I love u baby !

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It’s like my nightmare: a cape that’s just RESTING, like a precarious shawl, and an outfit that begs to be twirled in, which would send said cape flying off on its own. I would be tugging that sucker in place all night. But I will say this: I cannot fault the lady’s lipstick game. She knows how to deliver high impact.

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