The movie she’s promoting, Tribes of Palos Verdes, is getting good reviews  and she is apparently excellent it in; the title makes the movie sound like a designer imposter of Big Little Lies, but it’s adapted from a novel that predates that one by quite a bit. I hope Garner gets some love for her performance. I think the last few years have made it easy to forget that she’s very talented — her career took bit of a backseat to Bffleck, and there was a period of time there when it felt like she was mostly making commercials (which was financially savvy, certainly), and films aimed at the conservative Christian audience, or Playing The Mom in a movie where the Mom could have been any warm female form. As ever, I suspect she might be well-served returning to TV — if it’s good enough for Viola Davis and Nicole Kidman, it’s good enough for anyone — but the sad fact of the matter is that Jennifer Garner NEVER asks me for advice. I have thoughts about her career and the men she ought to date next. I also have notes on this look, which is that I don’t know if she needs the platform on those shoes, but otherwise she looks like a walking holiday party and I bet her Chex Mix recipe is perfection in a bowl.

[Photo:  Hahn Lionel/ABACA/]