The Bidens hosted the Macrons at the White House as part of the French state visit, and of the handful of celebs in attendance, I squealed the loudest to see how cute Violet Affleck is and how proud Jennifer Garner looked.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus also went, and when I searched on her name to pull up a photo of her that I could use, I found… something horrific, and please don’t look these in the eye or else you WILL turn to stone:

Television Academy Hall of Fame Celebration, Los Angeles, California, USA - 16 Nov 2022

These, allegedly, are busts of Julia and of Katie Couric, recently unveiled at the TV Academy Hall of Fame. And they are why we as a society cannot have nice things. Well, okay, Katie Couric herself is probably not a nice thing; in her book, she came across terribly, so perhaps this is karma. But Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a national f’ing treasure and WE CANNOT TREAT NATIONAL F’ING TREASURES THIS WAY. In truth, Katie probably got the worse end of the deal; hers has zero basis in reality and looks like it was fashioned from a photograph that had been put in the microwave. Make no mistake, though, that is not Julia Louis-Dreyfus, either. HOW does a person sleep at night knowing they have memorialized JLD thusly? Selina Meyer would… well, we don’t know what she’d say, because they would actually have to bleep it, even by HBO standards. And Elaine Benes would REVOLT. George’s toupee can tell you how that ends:



[Photos: Earl Gibson III/Shutterstock, Pool/ABACA/Shutterstock, Sarah Silbiger/UPI/Shutterstock, Susan Walsh/AP/Shutterstock]