It’s been yonks since seen Jennifer Connelly in anything OTHER than Louis Vuitton. And whatever they give her almost always involves a micro-mini and booties, so even leaving aside that the clothes aren’t usually even GOOD, they also start to blend together. Even she seems bored — like, in exchange for all this loyalty, where’s the custom love, dudes? — and if she is bored, then it’s REALLY no good, because she’s the one who had to pick it out and then voluntary put on a dress that’s overlaid with a bunch of wonked-up mesh laundry bags for your delicates. Imagine how much better it could be if she, say, didn’t wear Louis Vuitton. Variety is the spice of life, Jennifer! If it wasn’t, I would eat the same sandwich every day for lunch, as opposed to changing it up with very¬†different sandwiches.

[Photo: WENN]