So, listen. Obviously, my feelings about skirts like this are well-documented on these very pages. I AM OVER THEM. (I was never under them, but now I have purchased several pallets of bricks and hand-built a beautiful bridge, the easier to get me over them. I’m so over them that I am in the next county, browsing the Bass Pro Shop and thinking kindly about hip-waders. They are played. out.) But here is the thing: This is striking enough from head-on — like, I get it. But it is awkward in movement.  I guess I just…don’t really see the appeal in showing up at a formal event in basically your panties. It seems like a nightmare, and I mean literally your nightmare. What is next? Are people going to start showing up at premieres wearing shirts that say, “WHOOPS YOU HAVE A FINAL TODAY FOR A CLASS YOU NEVER WENT TO.”?

[Photos: NEIL HALL/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock, Nils Jorgensen/]
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