I thought this was an interesting quote to Vogue, from Jason Wu:

Soon to turn 40, the designer has finally arrived at a place of confidence. “When I was starting out, I was always a bit insecure, because at that time, the other young designers were way, way edgier than me, and I just don’t have an edgy bone in my body,” he said with a smile.

It says a lot about what comes down some runways if designers feel like they have to be edgy to compete — especially if that doesn’t come naturally to them. That Wu admits it is refreshing, and rare, although it’s hard to square it sometimes with the inexplicable sheers (which do, in fact, sometimes read like Edginess For The Non-Edgy). Lean into linings, everyone! It’s okay! And there are some a couple pretty ones in here that do, like slides 3 and 11.

 [Photos: Imaxtree]