It’s possible people are calling J.Lo “Mother” in that slang way that’s going around social media right now, but really, I’m being a dork and punning on that while actually referring to her movie The Mother. (Although I may accidentally have used it correctly?) I am sure we’ll have a big premiere this week where she brings Ben and snuggles, but last week was the New York City launch, and she looks pretty damn fierce and fantastic. And by doing way less than she usually feels she needs to — simple dress, fantastic accessories, nothing strenuous, but a big impact. It’s great.

She also gave us a classic scrolldown:

'The View' TV show, New York, USA - 04 May 2023

We’re good, we’re good, we’re good, HOLD UP, IT’S LUCITE. Tell me that this woman, Jennifer Lynn Lopez Affleck, does not have a better pair of shoes ANYWHERE IN HER ARSENAL for this outfit. ANYWHERE AT ALL? There are probably ten pairs under the bed right now.

I suspect I know WHY she wore them:

Celebrity Sightings In New York - May 04, 2023

She is using the sheer size of those platforms to “tailor” these pants, and they’re STILL almost too long for her. She probably also figured the Lucite meant they might escape detection… but, there they were, right out there in the open in the other picture. I also refuse to believe Jennifer Lynn Lopez Affleck does not have anyone in her orbit here who could’ve packed another pair of shoes to swap in with that dress. It’s perplexing. I am as confused as her shoes are clear.

[Photos: James Devaney/GC Images, MediaPunch/Shutterstock]