First of all: I must salute anyone who goes out in public wearing all-white. I am wracked with anxiety whenever I wear my white jeans, and no one looks at me or cares what I do. I just assume that I’m going to trip on a log and fall head-first into giant pot of marinara that’s simmering outside for some reason.

This whole look moves much better than I thought it would when I saw still pictures:

We’ve also — naturally! — got Careful Hand-Shaking With Youngsters:

This feels very polished to me; I appreciate that she’s leaning into the quasi-60s feel with her updo.  (Somewhere, Kate is like, “ahhhh, suede shoes. Do I need another pair?!?” And from the other room, Wills yells, “YOU ALREADY OWN SOME JUST LIKE THOSE KATE MY GOD GET A GRIP.”)

Meghan’s wearing this Calvin Klein dress, but obviously it’s been altered to remove the logo, and shortened (both of which I think I were good edits.) On top, we’ve got this Amanda Wakeley coat, which we have seen on her before — most recently (I think) at the Commonwealth Day To-Do at Wabbey, before she and Hazza got married. I do love a winter white. I tried on a beautiful winter white coat at Banana Republic in 2005 and didn’t buy it and have regretted it ever since. The lesson here is: Buy everything you want as soon as possible.

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