I am delighted that SOME of the World Cup matches are on at semi-reasonable times for the West Coast, but I haven’t been obsessive about recording all the overnight play to watch in the morning, so I’m not doing a very good job scouting for you here. But I figured we should discuss some of the jerseys, and as many of the games as we can, because I know there are a fair few Fug Nationals who thrive on the intersection of fashion and sports. I am HERE FOR YOU and deeply concerned that the U.S. kit looks like someone’s Bic exploded on the team bus.

[Photos: Ane Frosaker, James Whitehead, Keith McInnes, Daniela Porcelli/SPP/Shutterstock, Kim Price/CSM/Shutterstock, RITCHIE B TONGO, DEAN LEWINS/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock, Jose Breton/NurPhoto/Shutterstock, Isabel Infantes, James Gourley, Xinhua/Shutterstock, Nigel Owen/Action Plus/Shutterstock, Dave Lintott/lintottphoto/Shutterstock, Nigel Keene/ProSports/Shutterstock]