I interviewed Katherine Heigl once at Fashion Week, in 2013, and a) she was gracious, engaging, and funny, and I know there are rumors about her being a challenge so it seemed worthwhile to know that she at least made my job easy; and b) she laughingly called herself hopeless at fashion, saying she’d always been a person who leapt on trends whether or not they actually worked on her, and consequently, she and a new stylist were there trying to scout out things that might work on her. So I thought it might be interesting to do a birthday flashback of a celebrity who has been open about the fact that fashion isn’t her game even though she has to show up to play sometimes anyway, and in light of the fact that I recently said that aspects of her style too often feel like they’re designed with a much older Heigl in mind. As if she’s waiting to hit that age where it all clicks into place, and then she looks that age for the rest of her life. ANYWAY. Happy birthday to a good interview, and in my experience anyway, a good sport.

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