It’s trouser whiplash today on GFY, as Sophie Turner goes from wearing jeans with built-in wine-bottle holders to what appear to be flared leggings. They’re alarming and flesh-toned, as if she’s an alien being whose blood runs orange beneath translucent skin, and she’s paired them with… bandages. That nightmare genuinely looks as if she wrapped it onto herself a minute ago, but in reality it’s a shirt she clearly pulled on over her head, before settling the waistband just-so and then tugging and yanking the crossed bits into place so that everything was covered and this whole process clearly took 25 minutes…

Celebrities at Catch LA, Los Angeles, California, USA - 24 Apr 2021

… and had a high margin of error, or tear-er, if you will (and also TERROR, frankly). All of this is confusing and bad, but let us not conclude this without noting that she appears to be wearing kitten heels in both photos we’ve run of her today. Sansa Stark, NO. Do not try to sneak these back into the fashion lexicon. It is a game of groans. Thank you and goodnight! You’ve been a great audience! Tip the waitstaff and try the pork!

[Photos: Shutterstock]