It’s been, what, two years? But Outlander season 6 is at last coming on March 6, and somehow I have already forgotten everything I knew about it. Caitriona Balfe missed the premiere in London because she’s been in Los Angeles in preparation for the SAGs on Sunday — and apparently she took heat for it from fans, to the point where she tweeted very politely that she’s not comfortable traveling as freely with a new wee baby at home. It’s such a bizarre thing to give her grief about even without that; people miss premieres all the time for a variety of reasons — no one is giving Owen Wilson shit for skipping all the Marry Me events — and we’re in a freaking pandemic still, and her child is unvaccinated. And then all that wailing and gnashing of teeth turned to be even more unfair when Caitriona not only showed up via Zoom for the whole thing (as planned), but took the time to get fully gussied up and stand in front of a step-and-repeat that somebody erected at the Four Seasons for her. This is not a person who doesn’t care. Be nice to Claire! P.S. And on that tip, as I feel her work as Claire will be unfairly overlooked for the duration, I hope she wins the SAG for Belfast.

[Photos: Scott Garfitt, Ash Knotek/Shutterstock]