Many a Fug Madness winner has used their reign to clean up their sartorial act, with the major exception of Kimothy Kardashian. Rita Ora, however, does not seem like she’s going to fall into that trap. No, Rita is going to LIVE, DAMMIT, and if that means effectively wearing tights as pants, then she is going to DO IT, the chill bedeviling her unbundled lower body be damned.

Exclusive - Rita Ora out in Notting Hill

Now, it’s very possible these are not tights stuffed into clear shoes, but some kind of legging-shoe. Or just leggings in general, or leggings or footless tights with matching shoes… There are a whole host of possible answers to this puzzling scenario, each as inane as the next; since these have been pulled taut to a denier we’d sooner expect from hose, I’m going with Tights As Pants, and indeed, it makes a dismaying kind of sense. This is one frontier she hasn’t crossed, right? Girlfriend just took the Iron Throne and she’s already strategizing how to keep it. I may not dig the choice, but I have to salute her game.

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