I have been DYING for someone to wear this Vintage Utensils dress ever since it hit the runway, and I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me that Kirsten might do it. Of COURSE Our Lady of the Star Wars Rodarte would think to go bold.

And I still love this. My moment of pause comes from the draping on the top — it did that on the runway, too; it’s just cut to bunch and cling, in a way that distracts a bit from the cool vertical effect of the cutlery pattern. Still, it thrills me that this dress had its day. I want them to replicate it and sell it as tea towels, just so I can own a piece of it.

She dropped by the Vanity Fair/Chanel party in something as bright as the cutlery is unusual.

This is nutty – it’s Kaiser Karl’s every beach hallucination, in dress form. There’s a germ of something EXTREMELY cute under all the furbelows, but full marks to La Dunst; she’s giving the frippery some dignity. I just hope none of those barnacles are blood-sucking.

[Photos: Getty]