My great-grandmother, of whom I was very fond, had a nightgown just like this FOR REASONS I DO NOT CARE TO ENTERTAIN, and at some point in my youth, it found my way into my dress-up box. I spent many glamorous afternoons swanning around in it, often sitting in the armchair that she had positioned directly in front of her window AC unit and reading The National Enquirer, to which my grandmother had a subscription.  Later, we would have dinner — I was allowed to eat whatever I wanted, and I mean whatever; on one occasion, I had a jar of maraschino cherries, candy corn, and a cup of coffee — and watch Dallas, and then I would take off this nightgown and put on my actual pajamas and go to bed. I obviously quite enjoyed getting to spend the night at my great-grandma’s house  — she treated me like I was a completely fascinating adult for my entire life — but I cannot say that I would want to recreate my look from said evenings for a formal event now.

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