Having just written that grim headline, the top photo isn’t THAT bad. It’s your standard basic black suit with some nice jewelry… the annoyance being that now-ubiquitous Dior waistband, which gives them such a bizarre discount flavor. Also, her Loubs look airbrushed onto her feet, which… isn’t necessarily bad? It’s cool, but it’s also a weird optical illusion.

But I can live with all this. It’s what she wore earlier in the week that really disappointed.

I had hoped Charlize would use this for some serious glamour — and/or leggy minidress here and there — but this reads so very bland. It is insufficiently fast and not remotely furious. The skirt swings prettily enough, but the bodice is baggy and imprecise and severely bumming me out. This whole thing needs a color or a pattern somewhere — plus a dose of bling — to cover for its fit issues, and the shoes read like nothing so much as those achingly sensible sandals you see all over tourists who are lining up at the Tower of London in the heat of July. Unless Charlize Theron is planning on a leisure hike after the screening, and there is a fanny pack waiting for her back in the limo, they don’t need to come to this party. Please rev your engines a bit harder for the next one, Charlize.

[Photos: Getty]