So earlier today, we saw Lady Gaga trimmed in feathers, and Jessica pitched a show where she’s an angel. Maybe we need to beef that up. Maybe the show is more of a Parent Trap situation where the Archangel Gabriella and Lady Demogagan find out they were separated at birth, and each hide out as each other while sampling their chosen profession. See the demon struggle through sympathetic tears for a mortal who is ordering too much from Amazon and just really cannot stop texting his ex to see what’s up and whether they can stay friends! Watch the angel flub the names of the demon good-time gang, bumble through a dinnertime torture quiz with Beezlebub, and completely forget to teach Hecate’s daily Satanic Burn aerobics class! Peacock can still call it Winging It, but might need Tina Fey to punch up the material.

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