Because of the Billboard Music Awards dominating today’s editorial space, we posted some stuff over the weekend that you may have missed once it dropped off the homepage. Like:

The Scandal recap, in which Stuff Happens to people we are sick of (which would make a great DirecTV summary);

Sienna Miller’s kite dress;

– Naomi Watts in an initially striking ruffled Armani that sadly quits in the back, with McConaughey looking like a charismatic cult leader, per usual;

Diane Kruger doing her Diane Kruger thing;

– A roundup of Cannes that includes Rachel Weisz rocking an actual jumpsuit, and Noted Kook Elena Lenina wearing more enormous hairpieces;

ANOTHER Cannes roundup, this time with Li Bingbing, Noomi Rapace, and Sophie Marceau in a pants-dress;

The winner and “winner” of Fug Nation’s best- and worst-dressed at the Met Gala;

– And, although it ran early yesterday and not over the weekend, you won’t want to have missed Cate Blanchett in the same designer that Solange wore to the Met (but sadly, not the same design). There is a lot more butt-squeezing in that post than I expected.

And that’s it! All our Billboard Music Awards coverage is available here, if you fear you missed any of it, and your Nashville finale recap and Mad Men recap (Jessica was away for her birthday and hasn’t seen it yet) — and this week’s The Royals — will come at you soon.