So, Isabel Lucas has been out and about a lot lately and I think I’ve finally figured out what her stylist is doing:

PETA's 30th Anniversary Gala And Humanitarian Awards - Arrivals

She’s working a Teen Girl in a Lois Duncan Book look. Not the heroine, but rather the 1970s-era student who, at first glance, appears to be beautiful, cool, and confident — but then later turns out to be, you know, like a psychotic firestarter devil-worshipper. Can’t you just see this whole look – facial expression included — on the cover of a tattered, laminated paperback that you checked out of the library one summer when it was like 200 degrees out, and which you then read all in one go, sitting in the armchair in front of the AC vent and eating a series of Popsicles? I hate to break it to Isabel, but Sexy 70s Cut-Offs Wearing Firestarter RARELY makes it out of the end of those books in good shape. Just a word to the wise.