There is nothing I love more than an excuse to talk about soap operas that we don’t get in this country. For example, this is Carley Stenson, who used to play the Steph Cunningham, the longest-running cast member on Hollyoaks:

Inside Soap Awards 2010 - Inside Arrivals

Her outfit is goofy. But is it as goofy as what her character’s been through? Let’s see! Her character has had: a semi-absentee father; epilepsy; excuse me, epilepsy that once led her to believe that she was possessed by the spirit of a murder victim, a belief which then led her to almost drown for reals when she went to apparently very thoroughly revisit what she thought was her own watery grave; her husband run over and killed on their wedding day; an affair with the runner-over-er — who was, I guess, semi-contrite about the whole mess, but not THAT contrite, because when she broke up with him, he kidnapped her. And then jumped off a cliff when that didn’t make her love him. After which she fled town, and then came back, only to have an affair with a dancer with the not-at-all-ridiculous name Fernando Fernandez, who was concealing a secret, secret shame: HE CAN’T SWIM.  She also had to save someone from choking in order to inherit a donkey (!!!),  and is currently hovering on death’s door because of cervical cancer.

Advantage: outfit.

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