Julia — or JULIA!, per every magazine cover ever — has never dabbled much in fashion. She’s a ranch-in-Taos, surf-in-Malibu celebrity who is very rarely spotted in the wild, and so beyond working with Elizabeth Stewart when she has to, she doesn’t seem that invested in a personal style. I sympathize. I don’t have one either. My personal style is, “Clothed.” This means I can’t ever truly predict what she’s going to wear, and indeed, I had completely forgotten about this outfit from six years ago at the Palm Springs Film Festival. I believe she was there for August: Osage County, a movie whose title I had to look up because I refer to it only as Eat The Fish, Bitch, and whose existence eventually led to the infamous Sunburnt Gumby jumpsuit. This ensemble is a very different vibe indeed. She looks like a very rich and slightly shy New York socialite who sits on three boards and sometimes plays tennis with Anna Wintour, and there’s a wing at a hospital named for her family, and she greets people with the double air kiss rather than the triple, and she’s really only agreeing to get her photo taken because it’s important to her mother-in-law and there is a philanthropic face-time prerequisite. All that said, it works on her and if that story ends with her helping bust her husband for his terrible Ponzi scheme and then rising above the ashes of his lies to fix all the lives he ruined, I might watch the movie. They can call it Eat the Rich, Bitch. A freebie.

[Photo: Getty]