Actually, though the ribbons look like Cinderella’s mice cracked into Candy Spelling’s wrapping room again, it’s the entire look that has me raising an eyebrow. It’s just… to begin with, she’s en route to Good Morning America, when she looks like she ought to be making her way inside her tenth grade dance. In fact, I can hear it now: the strains of Sixpence None The Richer as she slowly descends the stairs, having removed the demon spectacles that had cast her as a troll for so long, while Freddie Prinze Jr. gapes at the power of contact lenses and a little powder. She might be all that, but she’s giving off She’s All That. And, in the process, handing out earworms. Good luck not singing “Kiss Me” all day. Having just poked fun at the 1999 of it all, that actually doesn’t sound like such a bad way to pass the day.

[Photo: Backgrid]