It doesn’t feel like SHE particularly cared about this, does it?

It’s a serviceable black blazer and a sparkly boob shelf. It’s basically date night gear for when you feel bloated. And it makes her look hunched and slouchy — and, for someone who seems a little sensitive about her iconic hair, her current cut isn’t doing it for me. It seems tired. Maybe all of her is tired. I have seen WAY WORSE, but I have also been way more inspired.

Speaking of which, for all the hype around it, I wasn’t that impressed with the reunion of the Lady Friends on Jimmy Kimmel. It was predicated on one of those frustrating bits where you know the actor isn’t actually surprised to be presented with this oddball thing to do, but prolongs the ruse for ages… and ages… and ages… and the whole thing became about Jennifer Aniston complaining that Kimmel’s Friends fan-fic was bad and making faces and rolling her eyes, which is what she was clearly ASKED to do, but… zzz. What did you think, Fair Fug Nation? Was it a wasted segment? Did it make you want a real Friends reunion? Personally, I’m not sure I really NEED one, because it might bum me out if it didn’t WORK. And as much as I think Matt LeBlanc is a silver fox now, I think Joey Tribbiani needs to stay forever young.

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