Brad, Brad, Brad. I actually checked his Wikipedia page to see what Brad Pitt circa 2002 was up to, and he’d JUST done Ocean’s Eleven, in which he is dreamy and clean-shaven, and then at some point in 2002 he lent himself to not one but TWO Jackass episodes?!? Perhaps his was his descent into Knoxville, and/or maybe Brad was springing back in the other direction from all that amazing Ocean’s Eleven prettiness. Mostly, though, this outfit is amusing to me because of the scrolldown factor. See those pants? That wide boot-cut style, the overlong length, the air of slop? Simon Cowell STILL wears them like that. On purpose. Maybe Brad could send these to him in the name of sustainable fashion.

I’ve decided Brad, who was attending the Panic Room premiere, was just inspired by Jodie Foster.

He’s got the black shoes, the longer-line coat, he’s growing out his hair into a spiky ‘do… Jodie is working the Cool in 2002 version of Brad’s ensemble, and Brad is working the Ryan Gosling Will Someday Play Brad Pitt In 2002 and We Will All Think It Was Too Costumey But We Would Be Wrong version.

You know who ELSE seems to have inspired by Jodie, but to the point of twinning? Her on-screen child Kristen Stewart:

Kristen was twelve at this point, so I am not getting into the outfit — she is a kid in a black separates and her coat, however much the coat reminds me of Jodie’s (I’m just teasing about the twinning, but also… I mean, maybe!). But I have to applaud her consistency: This child was wearing sneakers to formal events even before the days of Twilight, when she would bring a pair to change into after the dog-and-pony show ended. I have to tip my hat to someone who knows her own heart that deeply.

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