Simone Ashley is apparently the person who makes me chill out about whether leather shorts are too sweaty. She looks great, very breezy, very beautiful; might as well toss an “easy” in there and make her a CoverGirl. (The outfit is Hermes.) But I did have to check myself when I got to her feet, because for a second I really did think those are Tevas. Fashion Tevas. Gladiator Tevas. They are not! Well, aesthetically, I suppose the latter is fairly close to what they are, but they’re just sandals and they look totally fine. But that brief flash took me right back to high school in Calgary in 1994 0r 1995, when I saw them worn with everything from shorts to jeans to those flippy little Express dresses. They were everywhere. Everyone I knew in high school had a pair, including me, eventually, because I was trying to fit in… and you know how that ends. It didn’t work, it wasn’t me, and I hated them and ended up giving them away. Never shoehorn yourself into someone else’s style, kids. Trust your gut. Anyway, this rabbit hole reminded me that I think in the last few years someone tried to give Tevas a similar fashion moment to when Birkenstocks had a surge. Did I hallucinate that? Does the fact that I’m not sure mean that it didn’t work? Do we WANT it to work? We don’t, right? … Right?

[Photo: Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock]
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