I am sort of surprised that Claire Foy has taken a gig set in the same time period as The Crown — if I were her, I’d be doing futuristic alien movies or Eurovision parodies (so, The Dan Stevens) — but her part in the second season of A Very British Scandal is VERY un-QEII-y, and it sounds v. juicy. Per Wiki:

The three-episode series dramatises the marriage of Margaret Campbell and Ian Campbell, 11th Duke of Argyll and Chief (Scottish Gaelic: MacCailein Mòr) of Clan Campbell, and the media frenzy surrounding their 1963 Argyll v Argyll divorce case. It became a notorious and scandalous legal case, featuring accusations of adultery, forgery, theft, violence, drug use, and bribery. The series explores the social and political climate of postwar Britain, and attitudes toward women in the 1960s

Margaret Campbell’s Wiki is likewise….pure chaos. Like, David Niven got her pregnant as a teen and she had a secret abortion (and they remained close)-level chaos. Girlfriend super slept around — no judgement but just, like, this was highly notable as a data point in the 1930s-60s. She “had a near fatal fall down a lift shaft while visiting her chiropodist.” There’s the attempted purchase of a baby mentioned basically off-hand. She was under the mistaken impression she was mentioned in the Cole Porter song “You’re The Top.” The divorce, as promised, sounds BONKERS. She posed for naked photos doing a variety of personal acts with men not her husband, which is bold in any climate, and was IDed by her jewels! I laughed out loud toward the end of her Wiki, where it reads, “[s]he also lent her name as author to a guide to entertaining.” I mean, I GUESS SO! (FWIW, her husband in said divorce proceedings sounds like a real piece of work: “Argyll was married four times. He was known to be addicted to drink, gambling, and prescription drugs. The Duke was also accused of physical and emotional abuse by his wives, whose money he tried to use for maintaining Inveraray Castle.” Meanwhile, the current duke is primarily known as “the captain of Scotland’s national elephant polo team.” ARISTOCRATS!)

Sincerely nothing I can see about the outfits she is wearing to promote this can top any of that, so I’m just gonna say: Here they are!

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