Olivia Culpo is a former Miss USA and I totally thought I knew her because she dated Jesse Metcalf, of Desperate Houswives (and Passions) fame. But there are a few things you need to know about me today: I’m clearly tired, because I first accidentally wrote that she dated Jesse Ventura (former wrestler/governor of Minnesota), then Jesse Palmer (former Bachelor, current football commentator). She has dated NONE of those people. I know her because she dated Nick Jonas. In my defense: Nick Jonas and Jesse Metcalf are both attractive brunette men with a tendency to attend Fashion Week and a propensity for deploying Blue Steel in photographs. ANYWAY. I used to see her at Fashion Week all the time. And now I have to wonder if any of what she saw sank in because what even is this. WHY MUST WE REINVENT THE SHIRT. First LeAnn and now this. THE SHIRT IS FINE. LEAVE THE SHIRT ALONE. #FREESHIRT.

[Photo: Getty]