Holly Hunter is a pretty magnetic actress. I will love her forever for Helen Parr in The Incredibles and, most importantly, Jane in Broadcast News. It’s funny — except not — how that movie keeps coming around to being relevant, no matter how much technology or the ways we consume media may change.

Anyway, she’s compelling, and so is this dress. I can’t say that it looks terribly well-made; it has the same problem with boob darts that plagues Prada, and it’s bunching like mad pretty much everywhere. But the tulip skirt and the sassy-as-hell sleeve really work for me. She looks like a hugely wealthy businesswoman who made her fortune in unorthodox products, and has now joined Shark Tank to invest in the kinds of things that show up at novelty stores: sex toys in the shape of the Seven Wonders of the World, a device to clean your potato masher that is basically the same size AS your potato masher, socks that self-clean, remote-controlled toenail clippers. That show could use a little of that flavor to counterbalance Lori, who routinely makes her lips the same color as her chin so that even when she’s wearing a colored dress, she somehow remains beige as a plate of rice.

[Photo: Backgrid]