She’s gorgeous — obviously; you’re the best, Peggy Carter — and this is sort of fun and jazzy (or would it more accurately be “snazzy”? Discuss), but I wonder if the sleeves AND the belt AND the beading AND the slit AND the fringe all add up to a bit more of a cacophony than the symphony she deserves. THOUGHTS?

Also: We should probably discuss this Howards End adaptation. I obviously love the Emma Thompson/Anthony Hopkins version, so rife is it with English People Having Romantical Problems. But I am not so married to it that the idea of a remake makes me see blood — like, remake A Room With a View at your peril, but I can deal with this. Kenneth Lonergan is directing, which seems…emotionally apt. Hayley is in Emma Thompson’s role (I’m sure Emma approves); an actress called Philippa Coulthard is in the HBC part; no one is credited in the Vanessa Redgrave role, which is curious;  and Matthew Macfadyen is taking the Anthony Hopkins role. THOSE are some big shoes into which to step. I’m open-minded.

[Photo: WENN]