We have covered three of Riccardo Tisci’s shows for Burberry (well, four, now). The first was headlined, “You Need To See What Riccardo Tisci Is Doing at Burberry,” and it included things like an apron and elbow pit vents. The following season, I switched it to, “What is Riccardo Tisci Doing Over at Burberry?” and the answer was a lot of piles of fabric and some boxy hats. Last season, I was sufficiently fed up that I titled it, “Riccardo Tisci Still Has a Job at Burberry,” and it’s one of the most nonsensical shows I can remember and it made me mad from start to finish. This brand was in a hole. I wonder if someone got a nudge about it, because while I still don’t know what any of this adds up to, at least… there is plaid? And some coats? Truly I could not have set this bar any lower.

Then again, I need some help understanding the eyeglass situation in this show, at the VERY least. Are they spectacles with flip-up shades that… are ALSO spectacles? Is it a Double Dwayne Wayne? WHAT IS RICCARDO TISCI DOING OVER AT BURBERRY.

[Photos: Imaxtree]