Harry and Meghan made their first trip to their namesake dukedom today, and if you’re thinking that you’ve seen this before on Meghan, you’re both wrong and right. For their brief official royal visit to Ireland, she went with almost this exact aesthetic: forest green separates and beige suede shoes (those were Paul Andrew). And of course, on the day she stepped into the spotlight for good — the day they announced their engagement — Meghan wore a green dress in this hue, with, yes, beige suede shoes, albeit more intricate ones (you can actually see the color of the dress better in their interview).  She obviously feels really confident in this color — like a Pantone safe zone.

But, she looks resplendent in these greens, so I get it. And I like this iteration of it, but… depending on the light, it’s unclear how well coordinated the top and bottom are. (And, as commenters noted, it might be the different textures reflecting light differently.) To my eye, they are in “so close-but-not-quite that it’s making me stare at it too much” territory, and may either need to be MORE degrees removed, or identical. However, in other pics it seems bang-on; maybe I’m just being persnickety. Regardless, I really like this on her. The outfit is posh and polished, crisp and professional, well-suited to the event, and with an air of practicality. I really enjoy that it’s pulled together from a bunch of different sources; that, to me, is real styling — the art of uniting disparate pieces in a composed whole, or trying to, rather than just special-ordering head-to-toe Dior (although obviously getting that right takes skill too; just a different one). In addition to the sold-out cashmere Armani coat, here’s what we’ve got:

I downloaded a LOT of photos, including hand-holding and laughing and gazing and other touching. If you’re new here: Scroll up to see the caption for each photo, or you can poke the up and down arrows on your keyboard. The left and right arrows will page through the slides, and the “i” button on the right will zap the caption on and off instantly. 

And now for your social media hits. The last one is the best.



I can’t hear what anyone’s saying here, because my ears are terrible, but everyone seems to LOVE it:

Here they are with some rad women:


My heart is full. Team Doria.