More important than anything: I LOVE her and she is a genius on The Good Place and if you’re not watching The Good Place, I don’t even know what to SAY TO YOU RIGHT NOW because it is A JOY. This season’s opener involved the best “73 Questions” joke I’ve ever seen. It’s just…if you are not watching it, give yourself a gift. (But do NOT just jump in now. You HAVE to start from the beginning, but it’s not that many episodes — the seasons are short — and it is WORTH IT.)

Is this post turning into an for The Good Place that we didn’t even get paid for?! APPARENTLY IT IS. But no, sincerely, this is not an ad although I will always take NBC’s money if they want to give it to me. I just really love that show. As for this dress that Jameela is wearing to promote it, I’m just going to let her character weigh in:

[Photo: Janet Mayer/]