This looks like it was a fun outing! I like the idea of Harry taking Meghan to all of his favorite genres of outings before they wed. There is Hanging Out With Teens Learning Skills, and then of course there is Playing Sports With Tiny Children, and Doing Stuff With Veterans. (I almost said “Grizzled Vets,” but then remembered that while Harry occasionally hangs with the Grizzled, the TRUE Patron of Grizzled Vets in the Royal Family is Camilla, because she is such a flirt with old men.)

ANYWAY, we’ve got plenty of INFORMATIVE ROYAL TWEETS for ye:

But I know we all want to talk about that coat. It’s by Smythe — the same brand that makes Kate’s navy blazer, which is technically also my blazer (but I bought it because of Kate [ps: happy birthday, Kate, I know you’re reading this]; remember that summer they went to Oz and New Zealand and we were all up all night buying blazers? We have fun, Fug Nation. It’s also honestly a great blazer. Also, the more you say the word “blazer” the less sense it makes). And it looks VERY VERY cozy. I’d also like to point out that her shoes have tortoiseshell heels, which is very very chic, and they’re not sold out yet IN CASE YOU CARE. Let us take several closer looks at things.

[Photos: Frank Augstein/AP/REX/Shutterstock,, John Rainford/, Dominic Lipinski/AP/REX/Shutterstock, Lia Toby/]