Happy second birthday, Prince Squishy McAllCaps, Duke of Muffins, Earl of Mischief,  Baron Sweetcheeks. What better way to celebrate the birthday of a small, charismatic child we don’t personally know (AS FAR AS I AM AWARE) than a giant slideshow of Greatest Hits? Well, maybe cake. But I don’t know where to send you baked goods right now. (PS: if you missed it, Kensington Palace released a new picture of wee HRH yesterday.)

(PPS: If you have oodles of time to devote to this topic and YOU MIGHT, all of George can be found here.)

(PPPS: You probably already know this, but because sometimes people only pop by for George: If you live somewhere other than the United States or Canada, and you wanted to read The Royal We on e-book but were previously thwarted, AT LAST it’s out all over the place on Kindle and iBooks and whatnot, in many many many many countries, from the Netherlands to India to Australia to the UK, and one of which may well be yours. Happy reading!)