Jennifer Lopez has been an outstanding source of content for Go Fug Yourself over the years. This slideshow is INCREDIBLY long and it’s nowhere near everything she’s had to offer, but it was nigh on impossible to cull her list of highlights and lowlights to a petite length. I highly recommend you just open this mother up in a new tab and come and go from it all day, if you can’t get through it in one sitting. We’ve got the Selena days, the Bennifer era, that time she married a vampire, and more sheers than any person should rightly have worn in three lifetimes, much less two decades. She is a baffling, beautiful, go-big broad, and to her we say: HOLA LOVER. Never change.

Also, this would not be complete without the Michael Cinco gown she wore to perform with Lin-Manuel Miranda on The Tonight Show:

And of course, you must feast your eyes on what she wore — or didn’t — for last year’s birthday party:

I cannot WAIT to see what the big 5-0 brings. Thank you, J.Lo, for never ceasing to be anything less than the fullest version of yourself.

[Photos: Getty, Shutterstock,, WENN, Fame/Flynet]