Well, after announcing she’d be “Maria Sugarpova” and then cancelling it, Sharapova then pulled out of the U.S. Open altogether with a shoulder injury. It was, to say the least, an intriguing forty-eight hours in her life.

Meanwhile, fellow tennis queen Serena Williams is just casually slamming it over at Letterman, where an awestruck child has replaced the Letterman Dumpster (which is a shame — after years of faithful service, that thing should get to enjoy the views when they are good). Her hair looks fantastic and her presence, as a whole, is so freaking foxy that I’m inclined to forgive the fact that I can see a navel divot.  However, I’m not sure I can be as relaxed about the shoes, which appear crudely secured with twine from the Wild West era — like a remnant of a very kinky afternoon with Billy the Kid and his favorite fringed vest.

Still, I admire her. Forget Tiger Woods’ hunt for 18 major titles in golf: Serena is the only active tennis player to have achieved a career Golden Slam in both singles AND doubles, holds the most combined singles, doubles, and mixed-doubles titles out of all active players male or female, and has 31 Grand Slam titles, which puts her at eighth on the all-time list (all from Wikipedia). And she’s still going. And she’s not even PRETENDING she’s going to change her name to Serena Miami Dolphins (she owns a piece of the team) or Serena Who Is Currently Developing A TV Script (per Wikipedia again). So, you go, lady. Keep your temper in check and WIN.

[Photo: Splash]