It is, I realize, very possible that Vanessa Hudgens is dressed for the gym — either knowing she’s going to end up there, or having been and trying to disguise the fact that she probably needs a shower. But the thing is… she’s wearing a velvet jacket. And fur loafers. And she has an INCREDIBLY checkered history with pants that essentially won Fug Madness for her one year. So there’s no trust here, is what I’m saying. I have no reason to think Vanessa Hudgens didn’t wake up on this day and think, “Yes. Mesh leggings. Today is the day. I am ABSOLUTELY gonna hit the world dressed as a 2017 version of Laura San Giacomo in Pretty Woman. I cannot be swayed.” You do you, Vanessa — the world would be so boring if everyone listened to us, so I hope most of you never do — and enjoy your thoroughly ventilated knee pits. But I still think this outfit is THE pits and I want to free your jacket up to do greater things. I believe it can. I believe you BOTH can.

[Photo: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock]