The recent line of Louis Vuitton Torso Accidents has tarnished many a celebrity since being unleashed upon the world, including Noomi in her last outing for Bright. Bless her for making this DEEPLY fallow period of December more interesting, but it was a HELL NO and I think everyone knew it. So this was a happy sight. I did not anticipate being so pleased to see a full velvet suit, but she looks extremely cool in it, and not at ALL like a Gargantaur was using her as to drip-dry its bra. We’ve talked before today about setting low bars for people to clear, and that SHOULD be one, but apparently Louis Vuitton has made it awfully alluring for people to try out these monstrosities. Constant vigilance is required heading into awards season, but at least on this one day, Noomi has clawed her way back to sanity. And with GREAT lipstick. It had to be said.

[Photo: Masatoshi Okauchi/REX/Shutterstock]