I assume Greta is planning to pop over to London for the BAFTAs this weekend, so she might as well swing by the opening of the Berlin Film Fest for a change of promotional scenery. In this case, it’s a Wes Anderson stop-motion flick called Isle of Dogs about a boy’s search for his pet in Japan, or something? (It feels a bit like Wes threw some darts at a board to solve a Mad Lib: “A ____ looks for his ____ ____ in ______ and shot in the style of _____ with Bill Murray and Edward Norton and ______.”)

At any rate, Greta seems to be burning off some of the wackier options on her wardrobe rack in advance of the BAFTAs blackout and the generally more staid Oscars. Her personal style is intriguing to me, mostly because I can’t get a read on what it is, exactly. Right now it seems like, “Anything my stylist thinks is funky,” which probably makes her a very easy client but which also means it’s a constant S curve: a bit of this, a bit of that, then back over there. And that’s fine; lord knows this is the time in a Best Director nominee’s life when she should do whatever the hell she wants. I don’t know that I ever would have picked this ornate Valentino homage to a necklace Cleopatra would have worn as a shirt/bra combo — you know, like a golden boob drape — and to be frank, I find it a bit of an eyesore. The muddy taupe and black pseudo-sheer look is not in service of showing off delectable handiwork; it really just looks messy and more than a bit gaudy. VETO.

Next up is a Gucci:

68th International Berlin Film Festival (Berlinale) - ‘Isle of Dogs' - Photocall

It’s fine! It’s cute. She looks like a flight attendant for Gucci airlines. I am way more interested in where Bill Murray found overalls with a pocket that matches his vest. It’s like there’s an Eddie Bauer for gardening enthusiasts somewhere and he is its only customer.

[Photos: WENN]