There are some people for whom I’m never sure if I need to post a reminder of their identities, and Olivia Palermo is one of them. Many people know her from a stint on The City, where she was presented as the bitchy foil to Whitney Port, and as someone with excellent taste in accessories but only a modest ability to hold down a (fake) job at Elle. But I also know her from covering Fashion Week during that singular 2006-2007 time period in which socialites were all the rage, and if you want to read a really dishy Palermo-centric tale (stolen identities! Pathetic letters!), revisit this New York piece about the site I’d forgotten how juicy and weird that whole scandal was.

Anyway, I’ve no clue what Palermo has done since the death of The City, other than show up to Fashion Week and other Hollywood events looking immaculately turned out, from wardrobe to grooming. She is, in fact, really really good at that. And she ended up with two pretty interesting outfits for the Globes, despite my utter confusion as to how she got a ticket.

I love this Delpozo, and I love what she did with it — makeup, necklace, shoes, all of it. There IS something nutty to me about her not snagging any kind of job at a magazine, or in some kind of Tastemaker capacity anywhere, because I would for sure hand her the reins to my closet and make her fix me.

She changed for the post-parties, for NO GOOD REASON (why would you part with that dress?), except that she must’ve decided this was her biggest stage and it was time to bring the thunder. Also, everyone is wearing capes now, so why not her?

If I’m being honest, the capelet might create a bit of a silly silhouette. She looks like an extremely beautiful rare insect, and the dress didn’t need it, especially not with the way she accessorized it. However, I have a weird affection for it anyway. Would I have changed? No. Am I upset that she did? No, because at least she did it in aid of something interesting. Now if I could only figure out what she DOES. I guess maybe this is it.

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