I saw this look get a lot of love on Twitter last night, and I totally respect that other people dig it — wouldn’t it be boring if we all agreed, after all? — but I’m not sure I think it’s extremely successful:

I like the pattern. I like the concept. I think the feeling of this works very well with her sort of indie hipster millennial aura — and that’s not a slam; I like a lot of indie hipster millennials even though I am an uptight preppy Gen X-er — and I think if she’d rolled up to a wedding wearing this, I would have handed her a glass of champagne and got on with it. I appreciate that she doesn’t feel styled, although I’m sure she is. But for the Emmys specifically, this feels about 10% too unstyled for me, and kind of like something you’d wear if you were guest-starring on an episode of Girls featuring a garden party.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]