As we wrote for Cosmo, this dress feels very much like Emily taking a note.

This could not be more antithetical to the black nipple suspenders. (That dress looks like what Kristen Bell said she had to do to her chest UNDERNEATH her Emmy gown.) It is replete with fabric. And some of it is very pretty. Satin, though, is unforgiving, as we all know. It can pucker at the slightest provocation, and so the closer I peer at the darts and seams in this, the more I frown at them. And the bodice has such an odd shape to it. It makes her chest look like… a pair of purplish pears, tied at the top with a bow. Or one of those 3D honeycomb paper decorations that start flat until you open them out (what are those even called?). It’s such an elegant improvement over her recent games of peekaboo that I WANT to love it unreservedly, but… you know. How often do I ever love a gown unreservedly? I’m PICKY, y’all.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]