I am basically in raptures over this funky green pattern.

And yes, that is one seriously deep vee, but isn’t shocking or tawdry or overexposed to me — for one, even with all that skin, very little is hanging out; for another, the dress earns that plunge with its artistry everywhere else (although I could have done without the pockets for her to jam her hands into, even though she’s making THAT work for her also). I Googled the line, because I’d not heard of it, and it turns out it was founded in 1961 and, in the ’70s, had a diffusion line of sorts that which Gianni Versace ran, and at which Christian Lacroix also worked. Prada bought it in 2001, shuttered it in 2004, and  then sold it in 2011 to a group that relaunched it. Jaimie is the first person I can remember in this brand, and she might put it back on the map. Between that Armani at the Emmys and this… way to set that bar high, Jaimie. Hard to believe she was an early pioneer of The Naked Dress, eh?

[Photo: Getty]