This dress may prove to be divisive. Personally, I loved it:

Stripes + sleeves + sequins = goodness, in my book. (Although she may have been ready to pass out, given how hot and humid it was on the red carpet yesterday.) It’s also a huge vote of confidence in Jaimie Alexander as a celebrity that Armani Prive gave her a dress that hasn’t even gone down the runway yet. Like, that is a GET, a real A-List score, and however that was finagled: WELL DONE TEAM JAIMIE.

Additionally, because I always like to tell you guys these things: I interviewed her at Fashion Week once, and she was A COMPLETE DELIGHT, and probably one of the nicest interviews I’ve done. So, mark that in your diary. (You know who else was great this past Fashion Week, who I may not get to mention here on GFY and should just shove in here? HODA. You guys, Hoda Kotb is — unsurprisingly — the best person.)

[Photo: John Shearer]