You know how some performers bring out the best in certain designers? I think Amy Adams must be a good influence on Donatella Versace.

It’s hard to believe this is the same house that made Heidi Klum’s monstrous canary shower curtain. I LOVE this on Amy. Other than one weird wrinkle that I will attribute to going around the block a few times in a limo, it’s divine on her, and cool, and with a splash of disco about it — just enough to remind us that she was so good in American Hustle, and make us wonder when she’ll be back (in something other than Superman vs. Batman; nothing personal, Amy, but that TV ad with Jesse Eisenberg makes me want to rip out all my hair). Please also note that her hair looks like the very nicest dream anyone could have, and is going on the Pinterest board of my heart.

[Photo: Getty]