I love her. And I think she gave us the best piece of acting in 2013 to date on Sunday when Anne Hathaway was accepting her award and doing her version of that thing they did at the Oscars that time — remember? When they had a bunch of people come onstage and, like, eulogize each nominee to their faces? Sally had this look on her face that managed to say all the following at once:

  1. This is very sweet. I’m honestly touched by this salute.
  2. I’m not dead yet, kid. Slow your roll.
  3. Are you going to talk about Jacki Weaver? No one talks about Jackie Weaver. Why is this just about me? Cut AWAY from me so I can eat the rest of this bread basket. I am starving.
  4. I hope I crush you to smithereens at the Oscars.

Like, she looked completely gracious throughout while managing to remain totally uninvolved. It was the face version of, “bless your heart.”