So, right before we watched Skyfall (in which Ms. Marlohe is the requisite vampy Bond vixen), my mom got into a conversation with us about Eva Green, from Casino Royale, and it turns out my mother CANNOT DEAL WITH Eva Green. Like, really, really thought she ruined that movie, thinks she is a horrendous actress, is furious that she exists at all, wants her exiled to darkest Peru. It just made me laugh. I had no idea people could have feelings that strong about Eva Green. That’s a totally random digression, but the whole thing was so entertaining to me — it was like, the more we talked about it, the faster it went from, “I didn’t think she was very good,” to, “SHE RUINS EVERYTHING,” and that is completely something I do as well. Genetics in action.

However, Eva Green is blameless here. Berenice did this all to herself.

Man, whatever slammed into her crotch left a HUGE mess behind.

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