Let’s start with the positives: I like her hair, and the color, and her earrings, and her TV show, and her Sarah Palin impression, and the fact that she kicked off the trend of reminding girls it is cool to be smart.

Oh, and I like that this isn’t that Met Ball jumpsuit from two years ago, which made midsections everywhere very depressed indeed. But I do have some notes on the rest of the gown. Jessica and I spent several minutes discussing this dress thusly: “It’s…” “I THINK it…” “You know what, it’s actually…” “No, maybe it’s…” “I think it’s more…” “But if it just…” “Right?” “Maybe?” Hopefully I ended up stumbling on a few complete sentences here. We’ll see. It’s been a long day.


The bottom part is very ornate, but I don’t think this looks as good on her as I want it to — starting with the placement of the Stuff. It would’ve created a more flattering line if it started at or near her waist, instead of quite so low, and the patchy parts where you’re supposed to see the satiny ruffles — including that bit poking out on the right — are distracting, as if it’s molting. So while there are very nice elements here, they don’t add up to a successful whole for me. And I HATE it when fashion tries to make me use math. It’s awards season, people. In two days I’ll be lucky if I can still use a keyboard.

But, you should use yours. What would you do to this, if anything?

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