Maggie Gyllenhaal said she and Ruth Wilson were flipping through look books together trying to pick their Globes dresses — they are, after all, both selections from The Collected Works of Miuccia Prada — so let’s see if they steered each other right or astray.

Ruth here won for The Affair, which is obviously very popular with the six randos who probably make up the Hollywood Foreign Press. (This is our excuse to discuss it: I felt like the MASSIVE divergences between both sides of the story went beyond a statement on the subjectivity of memory and straight into “the writers got freaked out it would be too repetitive otherwise and overcompensated in the other direction.”) And despite my frustration with a show that I thought got worse as it went along, she IS good on it, if also guilty of the accent sins Amy Poehler parodied on the telecast.

I am not as grudgingly respectful of her gown. The color is intriguing, but the photo doesn’t get across the fact that all that detail looks kind of frayed and tired, like someone turned it inside out to mend a seam and then forgot to flip it back again. As if to say, “LOOK HOW MUCH WORK THIS WAS,” and not, “Look how lovely this woman is.” Always a mistake.

Am I being too harsh?

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Maggie’s is DEFINITELY right-side-out, but it doesn’t help much:


A friend of a Fug National called this “the color of my mom’s third wedding,” and truer words were never texted. She will spend the entire wedding being ogled by the petite male dentist her mother invited in the hopes of fixing her up — think Neil from Dirty Dancing — and end up smoking exactly three cigarettes she’ll later regret almost as much as when she did “YMCA” and her top dropped off.

Again: Am I being too harsh?

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