I am underwhelmed:

George — in his wedding tux — looks appropriately George-ishly dashing, and Amal’s basic black Dior is lovely and understated, which is apt when you’re not the honoree. (And she accessorized her purse with a “Je Suis Charlie,” pin, which was a thoughtful and lovely touch; the Clooneys were not alone in this, either, at all — they’re just the first I’ve covered today who’ve done so.) HOWEVER. Those gloves. We need to talk about them. I am not a fan — they make this look like her prom, or her debutante ball, and if Amal A. Clooney is anything, it is not a blushing teen or a fresh young debutante. (Er, not that I’m saying she’s, like, a stale old hag — I AM NOT — but merely that she’s a grown-up accomplished person and that I fear these look like a weirdo rookie mistake. Just show up places looking like a sophisticated boss all the time, lady. BE THE DIANE LOCKHART OF GEORGE’S WIVES.)

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]